There are four basic types of financial aid available to 沙巴体育app students including grants, 奖学金, 勤工俭学的机会, 和贷款. We are here to help you determine what financial aid options are right for you! 



The 免费申请联邦学生援助(FAFSA) allows you to determine the amount and type(s) of aid you are eligible for, 然而, please note that your financial aid award package will not be available to use until you have applied and been accepted into a financial-aid eligible program.

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In order to be eligible for federal or state financial aid, you must:
  • 有高中文凭吗, 通识教育发展, 高中同等文凭(hse), 或者在国家批准的项目中接受过家庭教育
  • 参加合格的学位或证书课程
  • Have a valid Social 安全 number unless you are from the Republic of the Marshall Islands, 密克罗尼西亚联邦, 或者帕劳共和国
  • 保持令人满意的学业进步
  • 是美国公民或符合条件的非美国公民
  • 欲知详情,请浏览: http://studentaid.gov/understand-aid/eligibility
Enrollment status is based on the number of credits you are enrolled in within your program:
  • 奖励是基于全职状态. 如果你不是全日制学生,经济援助将会减少.
    • 全日制,12个或更多学分
    • 三节课,9-11学分
    • 中场休息,6-8学分
    • 少于半场休息时间,5个或更少学分
  • 如果你参加的课程被认为少于一年, 你的报价可以减少,以反映学分的数量.
  • 才有资格申请学生贷款, 你必须在你申报的课程中至少修6个学分.
  • Some basic skills and pre-college courses are not covered by financial aid. Please consult the financial aid department before classes start to verify the classes you are enrolled in will be covered.
  • Enrollment status is locked two weeks after the beginning of the fall and spring term and one week after the beginning of the summer term for all Federal 金融援助. 如果你想要经济援助来支付晚开课的费用, 您必须在锁定日期之前注册这些课程.



*The diploma and certificate in this column have partial financial aid funding since they are less than one-year programs/certificates. 详情请咨询财政援助办公室.



  1. 去 http://studentaid.gov/ and click "Create Account" to set up your 联邦学生资助 ID (FSA ID). 
  2. http://studentaid.gov/ h /申请援助/ fafsa 及以你的金融服务管理局编号登入.
  3. 在线填写你的FAFSA申请. 注:BTC学校代码为005390.

注意: you will need your federal tax returns ready in order to complete the application.

一次加工, you can expect a letter in the mail explaining an estimated amount of funding that you are eligible for. Your federal student aid may be distributed as grants, 勤工俭学的机会, or loans. 请参阅下一节了解更多信息.

如果你需要帮助填写FAFSA, 请致电(608)757-7664与财务援助办公室联系. 欢迎上门参观.

To complete the 免费申请联邦学生援助(FAFSA), you will need:
  • 你的社会安全号码
  • Your Alien 登记 Number or Permanent Residence Card (if you are not a U.S. 公民)
  • 您两年前的联邦所得税申报表(如已提交)
    (i.e. IRS表格1040, 1040A, 1040EZ; foreign tax return; or tax return for Puerto Rico, 关岛, 美属萨摩亚, 美国.S. Virgin Islands, the Marshall Islands, the 密克罗尼西亚联邦, or Palau)
  • w -2表格和其他两年前的收入记录
  • 活期银行对账单(支票、存款、现金等).),如适用
  • 记录 of current business and investment mortgage information, if applicable
    (i.e. 企业和农场记录、股票、债券等. 但不包括退休帐户资料)
  • 两年前的未纳税收入记录(如适用)
    (i.e. 残疾, worker's compensation, child support paid and/or received, veteran benefits records, etc.)
  • 用于电子签名的FSA ID

Upon completion of the FAFSA application, you will be eligible for various financial aid awards. The three types of federal student aid:  grants, 勤工俭学的机会, 和贷款.

奖助金 allow you to receive money that (usually) does not need to be paid back.


勤工俭学的机会使你有资格获得特殊的, 学生时期的兼职工作. 这些职位通常是校内的.


贷款 allow you to borrow money now that may have to be paid back with interest.


你不能同时在两所学校获得佩尔助学金. Students may sometimes receive Federal Direct 贷款 at two schools concurrently if they do not exceed annual loan limits while doing so. Check in with the 金融援助 Office if you are considering this option.

You can also ask the college you are receiving your degree from if you can participate in a consortium agreement. Participating in a consortium agreement allows students to take program courses at two colleges as the same time. 学生只能从授予学位的学院获得经济资助, but applicable credits from the second college are used in determining the amount of financial aid awarded. The degree-granting college monitors the student’s 令人满意的学业进展. 详情请咨询财政援助办公室.

书店 charges allow a student to charge their books to their excess financial aid at the BTC 书店. 书店 charges are available a week before school starts and goes two weeks into the semester. 有资格在BTC书店使用你的经济援助, 你需要完成并接受你的经济援助奖学金, 在你申报的项目中注册课程, 你的经济援助必须超过你的学费.


You are required to make satisfactory academic progress in the program you are enrolled in to continue to receive financial aid.

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退回Title IV保单(R2T4) 
The Return to Title IV policy goes into effect for students who completely withdraw from 沙巴体育app before more than 60% of the term has been completed or who do not officially withdraw and receive all failing grades for the term. 

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The 免费申请联邦学生援助(FAFSA) must always be completed based on the tax year required. For example, the 2021-2022 FAFSA must be completed using 2019 income information. 然而, students who have experienced a reduction in income may apply for a reevaluation of financial aid eligibility by submitting a 特殊情况申请表格,连同证明文件一起,寄给财政援助办公室.


Funding is available for eligible BTC students experiencing unforeseen financial expenses.





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BTC’s financial aid team holds weekly financial aid workshops at the Central Campus in Janesville.


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